This rental is granted and accepted at the price, charges and special conditions indicated in the contract below, of which these general conditions constitute an integral part. Please read them carefully before making your reservation.

Rental on behalf is entrusted to SARL LE CAILLOU, whose manager is Mr Alexandre MITTA.


The seasonal rental is concluded as a temporary residence and pleasure for a limited period mentioned by the reservation dates. The premises can only be used as a main residence for the defined period, and the tenant cannot practice any commercial, craft or professional activity there. Consequently, the contract is governed by the provisions of the Civil Code (art 1708 and following) as well as by the conditions provided for herein.


Prior to the conclusion of the seasonal rental contract, the customer can find on http://www...........................or directly from its manager, Alexandre MITTA, all the necessary information on the price, the acts, the elements of the stay and in particular the situation of the accommodation, typology, capacities, main characteristics...


If a customer has identified the rental that interests him and wishes to put an option, he has the possibility of making a pre-booking. This provisional booking  is valid for 3 calendar days from the date of dispatch. After this period, the accommodation concerned will be considered by LE CAILLOU as available.


All reservations are only confirmed upon reception of deposit by the tenant including: 50% of the total rental price (rent + additional services).

Upon receipt of these elements, the commitments of the parties are then final and a confirmation is sent by email to the tenant.

If two customers express the wish to reserve the same accommodation, the reservation intervenes in favor of the one whose deposit is received first.


The full price of the rental, the tourist tax, and any additional services will be required:


A security deposit of €1000 per accommodation will be requested upon the tenant's arrival. The security deposit can in no way be considered as a payment, even partial, of the rent. The security deposit can be paid by means of a bank imprint or by check, at the choice of the tenant. It will not bear interest. If the security deposit proves to be insufficient, the lessee undertakes to complete the sum. The deposit will be returned within a maximum period of one month from the departure of the tenant, and minus the compensation retained for any damage caused, unpaid services and/or loss of keys, gate remote control. When the security deposit is paid by check by the tenant, it will be destroyed with supporting photo. However, at the express request of the tenant, it may be returned to him by post against delivery of a pre-stamped envelope upon arrival.


The tourist tax, collected on behalf of the municipalities, is not included in our rates. However, it is passed on to the final bill (€5 per night in 2023).


1° The contract takes effect on the day of arrival from 4 p.m. and ceases automatically on the day of departure at 11 a.m. The handing over of the keys is to be done by hand from the manager at the place of rental, after verification that the balance of the rental, the security deposit, and the tourist tax have actually been paid by the tenant.

  If the tenant cannot arrive on the first day of the rental, it is imperative that he notifies the manager before the day of arrival indicated in the rental contract, in order to prevent the reserved accommodation from being re-rented.

2° The tenant undertakes to take the rented premises in the state in which he will find it when taking possession of it, as described in the seasonal rental contract.

The inventory of the apartment is considered compliant. All installations and household appliances are considered to be in working order.

Any complaint and/or any anomaly concerning the accommodation must be reported no later than 48 hours after taking possession of the premises.

Failing this, the premises and equipment are deemed to be compliant and in good condition. In the event that urgent repairs incumbent on the owner should be carried out during the rental, the manager will make every effort to have the necessary repairs carried out. However, SARL LE CAILLOU declines all responsibility for any delays in carrying out this work.


The tenant is required to take out insurance with an insurance company against the risk of theft, loss or damage to personal items, fire, glass breakage and water damage, as well as the risk of damage that he could cause to the furniture rented out by him or by his possible negligence. He must therefore check whether his main housing contract provides for the holiday extension. Otherwise, he must intervene with his insurance company and claim the extended warranty, or take out a specific contract under the holiday clauses.

  The tenant must be able to justify the subscription of this insurance on first request. The parties agree that the company SARL LE CAILLOU can never be worried in the event of theft, loss or damage to personal effects belonging to the tenant.


The lessor undertakes to make the rented accommodation available to the tenant, in accordance with the description given to him, and to respect the obligations resulting from the rental contract.

The manager or his representative, SARL LE CAILLOU, declines all responsibility in the event of theft or burglary in the rented premises.


The tenant acknowledges having received and read the following rules of procedure (see welcome booklet):


The tenant is required to vacate his accommodation and return the keys to the manager at 11 a.m. on the day of his departure. SARL LE CAILLOU is in charge of checking the accommodation and establishing the inventory before the tenant leaves. The tenant is not required to attend this inventory, unless he wishes. In this case, he must inform the manager 48 hours before his departure.


Under optional additional services, the customer has the option of taking out cancellation insurance, the terms and cost of which are communicated by SARL LE CAILLOU.

Failing this, in the event of cancellation within 60 days prior to arrival or if the tenant does not take possession of the accommodation on the day scheduled for its rental without having previously informed the manager, the full rent (deposit and balance) will be kept by SARL LE CAILLOU.

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